Why I Ramble

As an avid reader and writer from a young age, I could be described as what many people would call a bookworm. 

For many book lovers their passion for literature is a wonderful hobby, but luckily for me I managed to stumble into a role as a Bookseller, where my hobby became my job. At least once a week a customer congratulates me for this, expressing their jealousy for my profession (I’ll admit, this often makes me feel rather smug).

As a friendly person (I like to think), I try to get to know our customers and love recommending reads that have stood out to me from the rest. It is a wonderful feeling when customers come back to thank us for our recommendations, and nothing gives me greater pleasure than knowing that we’ve introduced someone to a book that they will keep in their heart for years.

I love recommending books. So why not do it in my spare time too?

This site is going to be a base for my newest reviews, and from here I will also be discussing issues with genre, writing under pseudonyms and the publishing world.

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