To blog or not to blog- that was the question

Blogging. That activity which suddenly soared in popularity over the past years. That activity which many, albeit only the most daring of us, embraced early on with flair and aplomb. That activity which involves being honest and expressive, which truth be told absolutely goes against the inherent Britishness of many of us.

Blogging. An online journal.

I was under the impression that blogs were only for the attention seekers amongst us. I was also under the impression that blogging often meant having to talk about your personal life, having to open up to the whole world. I did not take to this idea.

I have mulled the idea of blogging over in my mind for many a year, wondering what on earth I could blog about that would be of interest to anyone.

A close friend of mine recently joked that I should bore somebody else with my book reviews, because she was tired of listening to them all.

Well, why the hell not.

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